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MEDIA JUST TURNED ON HILLARY! Look What Washington Post Did For Trump Today…

Hillary Clinton is losing a TON of her major support. Not only are her long-time backers trying to distance themselves from her, now even the Mainstream Media is coming out against her. Washington Post, as you probably know, is one… Continue Reading →

BREAKING: Secret List of EVERY Reporter on Hillary’s Payroll JUST LEAKED!

Thanks to the magic of Wikileaks, we now know EXACTLY which mainstream media reporters have been completely compromised by Hillary Clinton! A new set of emails released from John Podesta reveal 2 top-secret lists of reporters getting their cues DIRECTLY… Continue Reading →

BREAKING: Mitt Romney SHOCKED The Nation today! Look What Trump Did To Him…

Mitt Romney is an embarrassment. He has opposed Trump since the very beginning. He has made himself as toxic of an asset to the American people as Hillary Clinton is. The infamous 47 point video which sunk Mitt Romney was… Continue Reading →

What Trump Just PLEDGED To The American People Will Shake The World To Its Knees…

In an amazing speech that Donald Trump just gave in Gettysburg, PA describes what he will do in his first hundred days in office. The plan is called the Donald J. Trump Contract with the American Voter. *** You are… Continue Reading →

BREAKING: Trump Just Won Every Black Vote in America With This New Declaration!

You wanna know what exactly it is that make Donald Trump such  great leader? It’s that, unlike Hillary Clinton, he doesn’t pander. Sure, he will let everyone know how his ideas will benefit them, but at least he isn’t lying!… Continue Reading →

Democrats SHOCKED! ‘Record Breaking’ Voter Turnout For Trump In THIS Key State

Democrats are shocked by the early voter turnout in favor of Donald Trump in one very important state. Clinton supporters apparently believed the mainstream media polls and actually thought the majority of Americans favored the career politician! Texas has experienced record… Continue Reading →

WATCH – Bill O’Reilly HUMILIATES Lying Hillary Support On Live TV, It’s Going Viral

If you are going to go toe-to-toe with a heavyweight, you better have trained for it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fighting George Foreman or Bill O’Reilly—the same principle applies. One Hillary Clinton supporter found this out the hard way. Columnist Jennifer… Continue Reading →

BREAKING: The Early Vote Count Is IN…And Trump Is SPEECHLESS!

All through the presidential campaigns, we’ve seen how the mainstream media likes to skew the polls in favor of Democrat, Hillary Clinton, over Republican, Donald Trump. Supposedly the way they do it is by over polling Democrats, in some cases,… Continue Reading →

BREAKING : Judge Jeanine Drops A BOMBSHELL…Proves Hillary Should Be In PRISON! [WATCH]

By now, it is apparent that Democrat presidential scammer Hillary Clinton, is not going to be prosecuted by the DOJ or even scolded by the mainstream media for her abhorrent crimes.   Crimes that would’ve landed any person, other than… Continue Reading →

BREAKING:BIZARRE New Photo Raises Fresh Health Questions…What’s That On Her Face? [PHOTO]

The mysteries surrounding Hillary Clinton’s health may never be answered. We know that she is suffering from a serious illness. All the evidence points to it. The vociferous reaction from the media to defend her only proves that something is… Continue Reading →

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