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Everyone Will BOYCOTT CNN if They See How They DISTORTED Trump’s Quote on Live TV

TIME TO BOYCOTT CNN IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY! In what is probably the most irresponsible act i’ve ever seen in journalism, CNN just got busted altering Trump’s actual quote. Trump appeared on CNN to speak about the NYC Terrorist bombings… Continue Reading →

Is this Fastest bike in the world Dodge Tomahawk (video)

Sensation seeking is a bona fide personality trait thought to have a strong genetic component.  The Sensation-Seeking Scale measures a person’s readiness to take risks for the sake of experiencing stimulation. A look at recently designed concept motorcycles and the… Continue Reading →

BREAKING: The Most Famous Doctor Just Gave Donald Trump the Best News Ever !

Donald Trump just landed one of the biggest and best endorsements of the entire election! It looks like Dr. Oz just boarded the Trump Train.Right after Trump released his medical records on the Dr. Oz show this morning he was immediately… Continue Reading →

HOT VIDEO ! Skate & Bikini Session

Colecção de Bikinis Lisá Tamiris HOT SKATEBOARDING IN BIKINI !   source:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXZ68_TmwDA

How To Pack Your Panniers For A Road Trip

How do you pack your saddlebags for a trip? Packing for a trip is as easy as cramming that pile of stuff you’ve amassed on the kitchen table into your panniers, right? Not so fast. A little forethought can make… Continue Reading →

Canaan woman grieving, says her horse was brutally killed

CANAAN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A young woman from Canaan is heartbroken and searching for answers after her 4-year-old horse was struck and dragged by a truck right outside her home Wednesday morning. That horse died from its injuries, and… Continue Reading →

Paralympian accomplishes dream of scuba diving

Representing Canada was a dream come true for Winnipeg Paralympian Jared Funk. He worked to win a place representing Canada at the Paralympics, taking home medals in the London, Athens and Beijing games. Now he’s set his sights on scuba… Continue Reading →

SHOCKING: Refuges from Syria are coming.. Who know who they are – Some could be ISIS

WASHINGTON — THE ISSUE: The United States is the proud home of “the mother of exiles,” the Statue of Liberty. But of the millions of exiles from the Syrian war, only about 10,000 have reached U.S. shores. Hundreds of thousands… Continue Reading →

TOP NEWS : Ohio center stage as Trump takes five-point lead in key state

Bloomberg survey, conducted during a stretch of bad headlines for Hillary Clinton, follows trend of tightening polls across the country. It was the battleground state that swung it for George W Bush in 2004 and, once again, Ohio looks to… Continue Reading →

The Motorcycle That Rode the Tsunami

In April 2012, a beachcomber in Canada made a surprising discovery. Peter Mark was exploring the coast of isolated Graham Island in British Columbia when he stumbled upon a large storage container on the beach. Inside sat a broken, rusted… Continue Reading →

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